Memorisely Icon Library Challenge

Memorisely Icon Library Challenge

April 4, 2021 β†’ April 30, 2021

πŸ’‘ Challenge tips

  • Design your icons in a figma file titled Memorisely Icon Library Challenge
  • Design your icons in a 24px x 24px container
  • Allow 2px padding within your icon container
  • Maintain consistent edges (rounded/sharp)
  • Opt for outline or filled...or go the extra mile and design both
  • Set the same stroke weight for consistency
  • Maintain a consistent color palette with your icons
  • Resize icons easily by whacking K on your keyboard!
  • If you find yourself in a pickle πŸ₯’ and not sure how to approach a certain day, constraint, method, etc., then head to our #_design-challenge channel in our Tribe Slack and plenty of friendly folks will help get this sorted with you!
  • Oh and do have fun! πŸ€Έβ€β™‚οΈ

You are free to be creative, but remember to be consistent and stick with the same style the whole month, from day one. This way it will look like they belong together and you will have a cool looking set of icons by the end!

⚑️ Handy References

Memorisely Icon Challenge

Original link to the challenge