Slack List everything you need to know about slack's latest update

Turn your conversations into work with Slack lists

That’s right, Slack is stepping into the project management space with its late feature, Slack List, which lets you manage projects, requests, and tasks right inside Slack. Claiming they want to help their customer success with their project, reducing information silos and reduce the cost of your tool as well.

Components of a list

Let’s start with the components and structure of Slack List.



Items are the tasks you're managing or tracking within a list. You can click on an item to access or add more details, such as fields and comments within the item's thread.


Fields hold the information you want to display alongside each item. They are customizable, allowing you to input data in various formats like text, drop-down selections, checkboxes, and more.


Views let you save your preferences for filtering, sorting, and layout. This enables anyone with access to the list to quickly switch between different ways of visualizing the data.

Filters and Layouts

Filters and layouts help you sort, filter, hide, and group items to focus on the most relevant tasks. You can filter by any field and choose from different layout options:

  • Table Layout: Items are arranged in rows and fields in columns.
  • Board Layout: Items are grouped by field, allowing you to click and drag items between columns.


Threads in lists facilitate organized discussions around specific items. You can mention other people in a thread to draw their attention to a particular list item.

The most important component of Slack List are the fields which are displayed as columns, including assignee, due date, status, and priority. These fields give context to your items, shown as rows in your project list. After adding items, you can sort, group, and filter them to stay organized. Flexible views allow you to group tasks by any field, aiding in prioritizing work, spotting gaps or blockers, and keeping your projects on track.

Connecting Slack List with other tools and Slack features

From the start, Slack List integrates with other Slack’s other features and workflows like:

Use Workflow Builder to Create Automation with Lists

With Workflow Builder, you can automate repetitive tasks and streamline your workflow. By integrating lists, you can automatically add items to your list based on triggers, update statuses, assign tasks to team members, and much more. This automation not only saves time but also ensures that your team stays organized and on track without manual effort.


Embed Lists in a Canvas Brief to Outline Project Deliverables and Timelines

You can also add your list to Slack’s Canva section, simplifying the collection and management of project information. This includes everything from key stakeholders and resources to project timelines and deliverables.


Save Messages to a List for Quick and Easy Reference:

Slack's message-saving feature allows you to quickly save important messages to a list. This is perfect for keeping track of key decisions, action items, and important updates. Instead of scrolling through channels to find critical information, you can easily refer to your saved list, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks and you can access crucial details when needed.

Examples on how to use Slack List


Coordinate account teams by outlining comprehensive deal strategies and preparing thoroughly for customer calls. Utilize lists to keep track of key milestones, client interactions, and follow-up tasks.

Customer Service

Swiftly address and resolve incidents using a standardized response procedure. By integrating lists, you can streamline incident management, assign specific tasks to team members, track progress.


Monitor deliverables and designate responsible individuals while planning and executing campaigns.


Use lists to categorize and prioritize IT support tickets, assign them to appropriate team members, monitor resolution progress, and ensure that all requests are handled promptly and effectively

Slack has stepped up its game in the project management space with its new feature, we will definitely keep an eye open and go deeper into how to bring Slack List with other tools like Notion with their internal automation workflows and explore use cases for this new feature.

If you need a hand getting started with Slack List or have any other Slack-related questions, we're here to help. Reach out to us, and we'll make sure you’re getting the most out of Slack for your projects.

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