Guest list

My first 10 followers :)

πŸ“… edmund - Why is the Notion API release such a big deal?
πŸ“† Jonathan - Being a simplicity specialist or new notion mastermind
Ben - Inside the mind of Notion's formula guy - 007
πŸ“† David - Notion and education
πŸ“… Ola - Being a multipotentialite -
Esteban - Building a community -
Noah - PH experience or Potion journey -
Rachel - Building random things (poemhex) -
Esme - Rebranding The Notion Goth -
πŸ“… Heggi - The power of proper communication

β€Ό These are potential topics you guys can suggest another one.

People I want to talk to next

JR - Flurly
Soyo - Defining your packages & Attracting your dream clients
Victoria Hines - Creative bourn out
Rosabelle Illes - Poetry & creativity
Carson Jones - Gamification
Marie Martens - Tally
Mackenzie - Flamingo (building a business on top of webflow)
Francisco Cruz - Notion's Community

My impossible list πŸ€”

Sarah Kay - Spoken word poetry
Lynn Fisher - a single div project
Austin kleon - 🀯