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What is inktober?

Inktober is a month long art challenge created by artist Jake Parker that is focused on improving skill and developing positive drawing habits. Every day for the month of October anyone participating in the Inktober challenge creates an ink or digital drawing and posts it online.

When is inktober?

Inktober starts every year October 1st and ends on October 31st

Can I use this template for my own prompt list and share it with my art community?

Yes, you can use this template for your alternative prompt list and share it with your art community. My only rule is that you don't monetize my template. This is free and should stay free for everyone to use. Also if you do this please tag or sent me a DM on twitter, I would love to see it 😚

Where can I learn more about inktober?

You can learn more about inktober by going to their official website.




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